Quarantine Radio!!!

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    The past few weeks go to show how unpredictable life is, with days of the week being reduced to this day, that day and someday. However, thank God for entertainers who have chosen to share their talents with us during this period, and I’m guessing by now you guys have heard of quarantine radio from your fav socials.
The hype with which Tory Lanez does his live is something to die for(God bless that man), many of us have been educated on other uses of milk …haha!I’m not here to talk about strawberry milk though but to send love and hugs to whoever needs them, you know life can get boring when we have a non-existent social life as we Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine🚨🚨🚨!!! (Insert Tory Lanez hype man voice)
All this brought about due to the Covid-19 (Corona virus) that has made its presence felt in every corner of the globe, affecting without preference, the rich and poor, old and young, privileged and normals, pineapple and non-pineapple pizza topped eaters…No one is safe, absolutely none.
Government’s are asking people to stay home, most are quarantined with those they love and hate, others with a spouse they occasionally argue who gets to spread the bed and all this calls for extensive adjustments…a paradigm shift in our daily routines.

Thus far, 2020 has shown us a lot. S/O to those like me who prophesied this was going to be their year😏, if anything I now appreciate every day alive. Never mind I have to deal with emails from Tinder, you know…how I’m proving to be irresistible and jumia food, I’m broke please!!

When all this is over I won’t say no to promising opportunities, it’s a no to attending a men’s conference when I can spend time with someone’s daughter you know cloud 9 and all…

We are all affected in this unprecedented times, the ongoing pandemic forces the extroverts, “people persons”, company seekers to be confined to their homes and this might cause anxiety to some, for some it might lead to triggers to their depressive mental health states. To all who might be feeling some type of way don’t be pressured at all by those who post how you are not “learning a new skill during this time,” understand that existing, surviving and functioning during a global pandemic is a new skill. Times where companies are sending employees on unpaid leaves, salary cuts are the order of the day( I got a 30% salary cut and low-key still fussing about it) but desperate times call for desperate measures and we all have a role to play to overcome…

Understanding that peace of mind is key, please do everything within your power to stay sane. Whether it’s not always staying updated with the news, to reduce the thoughts and feelings about death and dying.

Pray, read books, communicate with friends and fam who uplift your spirit and live life! Don’t slack just because your home, do whatever floats your boat, whether it’s dressing up for a live stream of your church service, dressing up to show us your outfits on the socials, stay home models…we love to see ya📸! Doing online meetings while working from home ( please wear your bra..haha!) And do some interesting indoor activities, for those of you quarantined with your significant others deep in the baby making process🍆, just be careful who you have a baby with… Your childs hair may never grow!👽

There is always a silver lining no matter the adversity, you know I love the fact that things like nitumie fare have died a natural death and also the fact that the earth is breathing again, nature has taken a deep breath while we have reduced our impact on it. The air is fresher, waterways are cleaner..

People have now realized that their health comes first and that of their families, material things are secondary, it’s also very very possible to stay alive with a small circle💯, people who genuinely add value to your life and honestly if you don’t leave this period with a reduced list of valueless friendships (declutter) you’ve got yourself to blame no lie.

It’s also the best time to steal someone’s wife and have a low-key wedding💀, they won’t hear it till later and it’s also cheap, reception mnakula Mchele kilo moja na nyama😅.

With that said, I hope you guys are legit staying safe, washing hands with soap, sanitising, wearing masks where necessary and did you realize you could use bonga points to buy food? Head over to the Safaricom  socials and find out how, you could send someone who really needs this, let’s be as considerate as we can during this period. ❤️

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Special shout-out to Deangel, he designed the cover photo! Ever need dope graphics Dm him on IG!

March 4th!

  Turning a year older is always a moment of reflection for many, enjoyment is always the go to, as it’s time for a bit of celebration. While others, nothing much really happens like c’mon it’s just another earth revolution around the sun💀
  One thing life has taught me is that you should never take anything for granted, never mind we have to listen to new Stivo simple boy releases on our socials😅.
January had us survive a much hyped world war that didn’t happen, February brought us Corona Virus and it’s March 4th and I’m telling you to be grateful your still breathing and have a sense of smell at least, I mean, we all need fewer worries in life.
  Back to my main point on turning older… Cause I know we all love birthdays, or at least pretend to, yeah!
Keepitreallowkey turns 2 Yrs old tadaay! 🚨🚨🚨And I’m excited to say the least🥂, it’s always a good time story telling and you guys get to read my cool storoz, accurate findings and interesting observations 😎
As we turn 2, this year is all about positive visualization, consistency and everyting good vibes! Remember 2020 we vybezin💯 The notion of defeat/ failure/uncertainty has no place in our lives fellaz.
I can’t thank all three of you who support my blog😆 lol, can’t believe I do have a world-wide audience maaahn! Keep on keeping up with me. Love you all❤️ x

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Playaz guide to Valentine’s day!

  This Friday, many of us will be speaking the Queen’s english, laugh in a well synchronized manner, sip on all manner of drinks and whatever boujee behavior you acquire on the annual celebration of love ❤️.

Valentine’s is quite the occasion🌹, the best part about this season is how men suddenly receive more attention from women. They come to their senses and realize men are not trash…. that we aren’t actually dogs but handsome & loving beings eh!

Well, fellaz if your attending the Men’s  conference, do come out a better man and for those treating their s/o, I welcome you to my Ted talk … Real playaz guide to a Valentine’s day date😎

Firstly, before you decide to treat a lady, make sure she actually likes you, the energy you give is matched.
You don’t want to be like the guy who gave  out a kidney only for his proposal to be turned down. A babe who likes you will appreciate your efforts, so don’t feel at all pressured to go way beyond your means to impress.

One thing a gent should never slack on is grooming, you don’t expect to sweep her off her feet with smelly armpits!😒 Dress good and smell good, your babe won’t fail to notice this.

They say, one way to a woman’s heart is through laughter, a good sense of humour paired with great conversation is a sure way to score some  points 😉,while at it pay attention to her, her actions, listen actively to her not so interesting stories, look her in the eyes, watch how she forms sentences with her lips  and most importantly put your phone down, matter of fact keep it where she won’t see it. You don’t want her to start asking why Mpesa is calling you at 8 pm… Usijiembarazz tafadhali!!!

Being Valentine’s, there’s definitely going to be fine babes dressed to kill, don’t develop “wondering eyes,” or better yet, don’t get caught staring at other ladies, not even the waitress, the focus should be entirely on your date 💯.
  If your in a restaurant, have some ettiquete. Don’t spend too much time deciding a meal, don’t complain alot, there’s no need for you to be shouting Boss! Kwani hio nyama haiivi 😅
I know you want to be the one taking the lead but let her choose her meal and don’t pick a venue that was your ex’s favorite spot…just don’t, no matter how good the food is😏

Well, gent’s if you follow these steps and share this blog to 25 people, ladies will be swooning over you…hehe, 2020 we shine!

XXX.  XXX.  XXX.    XXX.    XXX.   XXX   

Have a happy World condom day 🍆..STI’s are real

2020 Vybezin!!!

It’s that time of the year again, where I just celebrate the fact that I’m still alive, January is ending, it’s a new decade and with it comes whole new levels of excitement, inspiration & all sorts of commitments. ( Damn! this post should have come out earlier, but you know this NJaanuary ting😏) 

Don’t you guys just sit back and really thank God for seeing you through  2019🙏, no lie but 2019 was an interesting one FR! From working with the baddest PR team in the Eastern side of the continent, to viewing life from a different perspective, meeting/ greeting/ talking to one of Hip-hops most notable figures…TI, having a te`te  a  te`te with Victoria Kimani (look at you rolling your eyes)
maahn! It was 12 months of exciting, annoying, shocking and all angles of eye-opening. 

I do know most of you ushered the new decade with the thrills of the Kenyan night life, whether you were in a Kesha calling on your Heavenly father’s name or clubbing calling out your dzaddys name👿, I genuinely wish the new year is nice to you💯.    This decade, my peeps I pray we stay motivated & committed to the daily pursuit of our dreams, learn from our mistakes while holding on to the valuable lessons and create good sustainable habits.

This is also the decade that sees my age-mates get into new jobs, hopefully  marry and raise morally upright children as you master the finer art of adulting. What I do know for sure is that you’ll move from one curfew to another… Marriage is something else eh!

In 2020 we are not going to  be looking back at the good times, we’ll be living them, so keep ya head up, legs closed & eyes open and let the good vibes come calling. In 2020 we vybezin!


Graphics by my G Haroon Qvraishy!________________________________

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PS: I had to honour the legendary Kobe Bryant, was such an inspiration to many, rest easy champ❤️

Why are you gay???🌈

This past week , Kenyans were treated to a viral video of two young females , cementing their union together by tying the knot. I’m not sure whether they anticipated the kind of impact they caused but they most definitely brought attention to the elephant in the room , which is the ever growing presence of the LGBTIQ community in Kenya. A few months back, the supposedly controversial film ‘Rafiki’ by the amazing Wanuri , sparked a national debate on the issue of same-sex relationships, which unfortunately didn’t reach common ground .

However , this issue isn’t only restricted to us here in the +254 , internationally various personalities have come out publicly about their sexual orientation and have been greatly applauded for their choices.

One such example is Billy Porter who is openly gay and delights in every opportunity he gets to showcase this to the world

I’m in a space where being on pose , I’m invited to red carpets and I have something to say through clothes – Billy Porter

I’m sure you guys remember how he arrived at the Oscar’s red carpet with a dress that by all means stole the show.

Also , our very own Lupita Nyong’o who is rumoured to be in a relationship with Janelle Monae did get the world’s attention after sharing some intimate stage moments together

These are just but a few scenarios which have greatly motivated activists and LGBTIQ members back here and earlier in the year , they had gone to the High court to push for the decrimalization of a ban on same sex unions which are unlawful as per our constitution ,which clearly states that ” any person who has carnal knowledge against the order of nature, ” can be imprisoned for 14 years … Hehe !!

You should have seen this guy’s in court , they came in matching attires ,held hands , waved flags, carried placards written ” We have to fight for our rights .”

It was quite a spectacle , I tell you. However, the courts didn’t fulfill their wish as the judge upheld the decision in line with the constitution , leading to activists terming it as ” a step back in the progress Kenya has made toward equality in recent years.”

This decision clearly didn’t go well with many my 3 friends being part of those who were vexed . Shani** , Lekeisha ** and Ayanda**.

Shani is a strong supporter of the LGBT movement and no she doesn’t wear boxers or have abs … haha!! She is as feminine as they come . According to her , she wanted someone to love her not for the size of her booty, but for her beauty … inner beauty !!someone who understands , loves and supports her . Ask her if this is what she gets and she gladly tells me that getting a girlfriend is one of her top tier adult decisions so far

Lakeisha on the other hand, is one of those rare ones , really beautiful with a mind that matches her face . She describes herself as an unapologetic feminist on her twitter and no doubt she is bold and unapologetic about her sexual orientation . Well , she’s always been a baddie since way back in her teenage years when she would sneak to go out clubbing and she would break into dance steps , seductive beyond her years . When I ask why she doesn’t like guys ,for her it’s simply because she doesn’t want to be led , doesn’t want to feel like someone has authority over her . In short , she wants to be and feel like the man in the relationship .

She has the audacity to tell me ” you wait , you’ll see , you just haven’t stepped out of your tiny bubble yet .” Wow! The guts . Despite the fact that I’m an open minded guy , welcoming such ideas isn’t my thing , I wouldn’t do my ancestors like that , this would make them turn in there graves bwana !!

With Ayanda , she’s a stud ,just from her looks , she’s the kind to steal your girl and take you as well and there’s nothing you can do about it . She is a firm believer that low -key there’s no single girl who is fully straight , which is very debatable … I know .

From the biblical point of view , homosexuality is abhorred , we see this in Romans 1 :26- 27

This leaves me to wonder , to those who go against God’s word aren’t you afraid of reaching your biblical span of life ? why do people choose to be gender fluid or have same – sex unions ? for you out there … yes you, why are you gay ???

Memes and Depression

Erooh was not your average guy, he was the kind to attract attention without necessarily shouting at the top of his voice or pulling bizarre stunts, he had that athlete like Idris Elba body which is to mean he had it easy with the ladies and to top it all off, he was a meme lord… a freakin meme lord. He gave us a daily dose of laughter each time on his timeline.

It seems this was not enough to give Erooh happiness cause the next thing we knew, he had committed suicide😭 only this time it was not a joke. We couldn’t put a finger on any sign of depression in his life but yet he was dying inside, we were deceived by the ever smiling face. This left me with conflicting emotions. I didn’t know whether to feel frustrated, angry, or sorry. I couldn’t understand how someone who made us happy was very unhappy at the same time. But Erooh isn’t the only one .

Few days ago a lady,Teneisha** also committed suicide ‘for not being beautiful enough’ yet she had curves for days, a pretty face and a decent number of following on her gram. She also spent hours on the bed , doing videos with flowers on her head and yet she still didn’t feel sexy …uuf!it’s sad.😏😕

All this is a true reflection of what’s happening in our society. We are still not tackling depression head on and in some quarters, it’s still viewed as the elephant in the room. Our country is topping the charts when it comes to matters depression. We are ranked 6th in Africa. This is why cases of homicide, suicide, femicide and even shokacide’s have been rampant and yet we have managed to make memes out of this situation.

Our twitter streets are congested with every Tom, Dick and Harry going HAM at each other.

Going through people’s social media pages, everyone seems to be leading a successful life on Instagram, you begin to wonder where certain statistics arise from. But this is far from the truth, we are people going through so much trouble from growing up in homes where the love was missing, struggling with failed relationships💔, unnecessary pressure from society to appear in a certain manner, dealing with heavy debts ,reason why thousands of Kenyans are blacklisted from borrowing money.

Despite all this our meme culture is still thriving , new meme lords are discovered on a daily basis, we even made our very own president disappear from twitter,I mean, #KOT are a different breed of savage …it’s never that serious guys😅

However, if your reading this and feel like giving up, please don’t! It’s okay to not be okay, but we can’t allow ourselves the luxury of being unhappy all the time because how you gonna win when you are not right within???

Let us be there for our friends, our loved ones and anyone who needs an ear 👂, you could be saving a soul. Don’t be fooled by the smiley faces, cute laughs and good make up. People out here need help.

Let’s also be our own kind of sexy, I mean sexy is a feeling and can come from anything that makes you feel confident and in control……flaunt it!

X. X. X. X. X.

If your going through a hard time please visit the basicneedswatch website and also feel free to let me know of other safe heavens.💜

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Just like nobody can stop reggae,no one is yet to figure out women !

This year has started out on quite an interesting chapter for me, although I have already fallen short on some of my new year resolutions, I am still going strong!! Positive vibrations all the way 💪. One thing that has come out clear, is that I have been keeping up with certain trends, how they caught my attention should be the subject of a keen,laser-focused case study

Two hashtags have stood out for me so far and really got me thinking about the interesting times we live in and they are all spearheaded by women. Feminists being the loudest. Making sure their voices don’t go unheard by any means

How I really wish 2019 came with a trailer to prepare us for all the drama cause clearly , I wasn’t ready. You probably have heard the statement. “After God , fear women.”

I didn’t put much thought to it until recently when it was discovered by social media enthusiasts how a certain woman is working harder than the devil himself (I strongly believe she isn’t the only one) . Just how #thedevilworkshardbutkrisjennerworksharder came into being is a subject only our feminine compatriots could shed more light on

Closer home , the #fungadukachallenge has caused such a storm, with divided opinion amongst both genders (definitely a story for another day) . It amazes me how women go through some of life’s toughest challenges but still cry over little things like a new dress not fitting or how they can’t change light bulbs .

Those with girlfriend’s are familiar with how she can wear an outfit for the 10th time and still ask how she looks (when she certainly looks familiar) and how you will take her out on a date and she will claim not to be hungry only to clear up half your plate😅

All this goes to show how women are complex, multi – faceted and diverse . What I do know for certain is that women glow different when loved right and treated properly. Start by identifying her language of love ,doing right by her and watch your brownie points increase .

You know , behind every serious and successful man ,there is a woman who orders him to kill a cockroach, take off his shoes, stop snoring loudly and to spread the bed if they are the last to wake . Don’t we just love our women but still can’t find ways to figure them out??

Art and illustration: Thufu Bebeto Ochieng

IG: thufu_b

Sidenote :

This month officially marks one year since I started this journey with you. I have witnessed tremendous growth as an individual and it really is humbling to know that 1000+ people have seem my work ,in more than 25+ countries across the globe. Keep on keeping up with me😅 ,I promise to be more consistent and with much more exciting content .

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2019!! 🔥

The new year is finally here with us and truth be told, I’m excited to say the least for what the year ahead has in store for us all . By you guys reading this means you are still breathing, you are alive and I want to congratulate you for surviving drinkcember 🍻 and 2018 in general.Honestly, it was not an easy year although it was also quite eventful, no doubt about this.It was the year that saw me start this blog and its really inspiring to see it being read in more than 20 countries the world over.We also got to jam to some really unique songs and dances (I’m not referring to lamba lolo and malwedhe 😂) 2018 was definitely one for the books. With the advent of the new year, I want to challenge you, yes…you there reading this, to be a better version of yourself, to set goals that will guide you through the year, to be accountable for your actions, to embrace positivity and exhale good vibes, to be brave and to simply be human
Gentlemen, let’s brace ourselves for interesting times ahead, my feminist friends told me the future is female and this remark puzzled me as to what our role would beHowever, let’s look forward to every new day like it would be our last, not Friday, not the weekend and certainly not payday. On this note I wish you guys a happy and prosperous new year!!🎆🎆

Nairobi 🇰🇪🇰🇪

Kenya’s heartbeat , our capital city, is arguably the most interesting in Africa. The name, as we all know emanated from a Maasai word which the British found hard to pronounce and we stuck to Nairobi🙏

“The green city in the sun.” But it’s not all green, the city is now filled with keyboard warriors who fight battles on social media, men who don’t have to kill ” the maneaters of Tsavo” and have become “womaneaters” instead , Ladies who don’t have to sit by the fireside with their grandmothers absorbing their wisdom in readiness for marriage, but rather slayqueens with a pretty face, couple of I. G followers ,armed for battle with blueticks ✅✅ and sponsors with heavy wallets ready to steal our young women….. But don’t all this people just make up the facets of Nairobi?

Nairobi, being the city’s capital most definitely has a crazy nightlife and a typical night out won’t end without the famous Kenyan phrase ” Kuja na mzinga, nikona madem” [ come with alcohol, I’ve got women ] which really begs the question, can you really have a fun night without women and booze 🍻 being involved??

As I set out to write this post, I initially wanted to call it Nairobi nights, but after a couple of searches I got to learn there was a K street hooker 👢 who ran a blog with the title, her posts are really worth reading.

She vividly paints the picture of the hustles that hookers go through in the city.

Nairobi hookers are a peculiar lot. They have gone through a 360° metamorphosis from just being the girls who roamed Koinange street at night to now turning up in the posh clubs hoping to land a good catch and some have gone a notch higher to operating from mobile phone dating apps. You know in this age of free Wi-Fi, everything is just a click away…literally everything 😎

Any regular night time reveller will attest that weekends in the city officially begin on Thursday’s. Right from my favourite Thursday spot J’s in Westie, 1824 in L. A, Jiweke tavern, Blend and for those who don’t mind a loungerie show on a pole👾, they know where they go. It’s never a dull moment💯

What strikes the most is how this party spots are always jam- packed. Standing amongst the sea of humanity I usually ask myself if these are the same people who will be on twitter, complaining about the high cost of living while during the night they are sipping on mojitos🍹, scotch whiskey, cognac and all other drinks you can think of. Drinking as if there lives depended on it.

I’m not in any way against drinking, but if you must drink, don’t be the one driving and most importantly KNOW YOUR LIMIT, I find it really embarrassing when guys will pass out in front of their own ladies or act stupid, I know a guy who had one too many and all hell broke loose, including his bowels 😡

You surely don’t want to be remembered as the guy who was carried out by the bouncer screaming “you’ll know who I am” or the one whom the ladies didn’t want to be around.

I’m not exuding toxic masculinity but for a gent ,if you can’t handle your drink it does portray a great deal of weakness👎…. Big-time!!

I have this lawyer friend of mine (too bad if he reads) who knows he’s a lightweight when it comes to matters alcohol but he always gets tipsy and starts saying how he won’t get drunk so that we can f#$* his women 😅😂 interesting fella!

I started this post by mentioning how Nairobi is the most interesting city in Africa, but what’s really Iinteresting is our ladies……oh lord !!Nairobi women are something else (especially those you find at the club…. Dundaing💃🙆)

If your the type who salivates at the pretty faces and big buts🍑 then I’m sure your taste buds have a lot to handle. This is because the ladies I see at the clubs are quite a sight to behold, with all their sophistication and splendor. 🌹 They take multi-tasking to a whole new level. They could be drinking, gossiping, eyeing 3 different men, while still dancing with a man (I’m still amazed at how they manage to get down with 6 inch heels 👠 for hours on end) And if you meet her for the first time and she tells you “she’s never done this before ” it’s a scam, don’t fall for it😂

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Peter Elvis

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When what was once good turns to pain

I know i have taken quite a sabbatical from this creative process, that is my writing. I have been busy figuring out myself, learning to cope with mankind, re-connecting with my lost energies and all manner of boujee stuff people do when they are on a self -improvement journey.

You probably have all manner of thoughts about me and yeeees! I’m sophisticated like that😎

If I could stick to the mentioned script above, I would most definitely be a better, new age homo sapiens sapiens species.

Truth is, I have been enjoying Nairobi by night,lots of whisky ,cognac 🍸(insert accent) and our bad intentions together with the bros. Despite our young age, we have had situations that would propel us to legendary status [story for another day, depending on which foot will touch the ground first when I wake up on the first day of next month]

And it was during this period that I got to observe a lot and had interesting conversations with some friends and acquaintances who went through break-ups. You know, they were the kind of people who flooded photos of their significant other or rather “bae” as we millenials say it, allover social media.

Some even went ahead to open joint accounts on instagram as strange as it might seem, but hey! this is 2018 ,where the digital age has revolutionalised relationships .

We live in a generation where people interact, date and eventually break up on social media without actually meeting. Sounds crazy …right? But of importance is life my people. (Bora uhai)

Back to my two friends, Zuri and Hawi (definitely not their actual names)

Zuri is one of this sophisticated millennials who are not afraid to throw in the word ‘bitch’ in their description. She comes out as intimidating to many guys and yes! She most definitely is a feminist!! She’s quite something I tell you. Ask her why she cheated on her man and her reply, “men need to start forgiving their women if they cheat on them to break the double standards. “wow!!

She claims she cheated on her man because he was not giving the love and attention she dearly craved for.

She simply got tired of getting hurt, tired of being lied to, tired of the insecurities, tired of someone who doesn’t seem committed, she’s tired.

And her solution to all this was…….to cheat, hehe!

I also found it really mind boggling that a guy who has tattoos all over his skin wouldn’t be willing to commit to a relationship….. Maybe, just maybe the pain wasn’t worth it to him.

Luckily, Zuri didn’t resort to the saying that I’m sure we have all heard as much as we have our national anthem,”men are dogs.”

But why? While we are all alive to the fact that dogs are the most faithful living beings. It’s not like we go around saying “women are cats”🐱

Hawi on the other hand, is one dejected man after being left in what appeared to be a fairly successful relationship. I suspect he’s the type of guy to go on dates at Uhuru Park.

According to him, even ‘chapos ‘ don’t taste the same. Hearing him say this made me feel bad, not really for him but because there is someone who could be this heartless 💔,breaking a man’s heart to the point of confusing his taste buds. Making his appetite for loving turn to hunger pain.

If your the one and happen to read this, I hope you get a boil on your armpits.

This is why I feel sometimes it’s better to shun emotion rather than to fall for it and let it make you its slave, ensnaring you in the sorrows of heartbreak.

Hawi had what we would call “the adulterous woman. ” In as much as the game of seduction adds a little zest to life, it sure has its limits.

You know, it’s easy to deal with someone who is confrontational or arrogant, but you don’t know what to do to pain that had been loving, been good to you, meant no harm whatsoever and came with no warning signs and leaves you heartbroken, destroying all your Natural defenses.

That’s the bad thing about break ups. One person walks out feeling relieved, while the other one stumbles, not knowing what’s really happening.

it gets worse especially in the nighttime, when all the decent have fallen into bed save for the lonely, the drunks and those up-to no good, is when you start missing seeing their name pop up on your phone screen, the late night conversations(talking about all the things you said you would do together), the late night adventures, the night time memories -when everything seemed better at night.

But you have to let all that go. The way she kissed you, the way she smelled, the way you grabbed her waist and pulled her in. You have to let it go and you have to let her go, because that’s who she was, not who she is.

I’m not the best at giving relationship advice and I’m certainly not a hopeless romantic either. But it beats logic how we confidently share our naked bodies, yet make our phones sacred. Never mind the fact that the holybook states that our bodies are temples of the most high. And boy! If you think you’ve seen her naked just because she took her clothes off, you need to think again. If you also find you want her cause of her lovely eyes, her sumptuous lips 💋, the curve of her hips or her beautiful body,its not love…… It’s LUST!

The great Bob Marley once remarked that

Any man who awakens feelings of love in a woman without the intention of pursuing her, is a coward.

And gentlemen, I believe we are not cowards (the boy child shall prosper)

Happy mutual love is achieved not only sexually, but when one’s whole being, mentally and physically enters into the relationship. This is one of the best things, if not the best, that life has to offer.

This is when someone not only talks to you during their free time, but also frees their time to talk to you. Someone goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and appreciated. Gets you all boo’d up. Not just sitting back letting you do everything and comfortably say “si women pay the bill nowadays.” (what audacity😕)

To my crush reading this ,just know you deserve a gentleman not just someone to date (my heart you don’t have to steal for it’s truly yours)

I believe strongly in the school of thought that relationships are intentional, someone will be with you if they intend to be with you. 💯

Hope you enjoyed guys🙏

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